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DONNA Gets Physical This Weekend


DONNA Gets Physical This Weekend

With the release of her single "Hopelessly Devoted To You" (CRS Digital) DONNA takes to the stage this weekend with her full production OLIVIA - THE PHYSICAL TOUR, a tribute to Olivia Newton John.

Donna Returns With Tribute To Olivia


DONNA Returns With Tribute To Olivia

DONNA (Formerly Donna Boyd) is making her return after a break from performing with an Olivia Newton John song "Hopelessly Devoted To You"distributed through CRS Digital. Donna returns to the stage with her Olivia Newton John Tribute Show THE PHYSICAL TOUR with her next show at Windsor RSL in Sydney on 6th October. Olivia covered many genres during her career including Country and DONNA's stripped back interpretation of one of her greatest hits certainly fits the mould.


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