I've created a new show I'm very excited about!



It's a musical tribute to Olivia Newton John's record-breaking career.

During the show we cover loads of different styles (as Olivia did during her stellar career)

* 60's & 70's Country Music
* 80's Rock
* Movie Musicals - Xanadu and Grease
* songs from the Physical album
* anything else we can think of!

With my fantastic band - The XanaDudes - this is a show with something for everyone!

Click here to view the video:

OLIVIA The Ultimate Tribute - Video

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SIDE BY SIDE is a project I'm doing with my dear friend Simon Gillespie.

It's all about performing the music and telling the stories of 2 different artists 'Side By Side'.

We currently have 2 different shows in this format:

* The Songs of Olivia Newton John & Peter Allen
* We've Got Our Standards